Student team STORM/SPIKE present during Automotive Congress 2018

TUE/e Student team STORM Eindhoven , now SPIKE, will also present themselves during the Automotive Congress the 23rd of May in the Evoluon, Eindhoven.

Around the world in 80 days

In 2016, a team of 23 students set a clear goal to ride around the world in 80 days, on an electric motorcycle. Since a suitable motorcycle did not exist yet, the Dutch students decided to develop it by themselves. The trip proved  that their design of a set of modular batteries actually worked. With charged batteries, the students were able to cover about 400 kilometres on their electric motorcycle. Changing a battery took about 7 minutes. The student team was covered widely by national and international media during their trip. 

New challenges

Now it’s time for the next step, in which the students decided to commercialize the expertise and knowhow gained in this project. They will do this in SPIKE, in which they will develop electric powertrains that can be used by different small vehicle manufacturers worldwide. 


During the congress, the STORM and Spike story with all its challenges and opportunities will be told by Bas Verkaik. Bas is an MSc student Sustainable Energy Technology at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Besides his study program, he was part of the STORM Eindhoven team. Bas also co-founded the STORM spinoff SPIKE. Be sure not to miss out on this unique story!