TMC Sioux Logena Nieuws

Racing and E-Piaggio's: Experience it at the outdoor demo area

This years Automotive Congress has a lot to offer. Examples of smart and green mobility solutions, a fine selection of Automotive industry suppliers and a international selection of speakers representing a broad range of automotive related companies; from start-up to OEM.  But, as it is an automotive event, also vehicles will be on display, also in a broad range; from Piaggio three-wheelers to race cars.

Autonomous and electrical driving in Italian design, made possible by Sioux Logena

In collaboration with Fontys Automotive, Sioux Logena made a Piaggio APE 100% electrical, by changing the existing drivertrain by an 100% electrical one. The next fase will be having the Piaggio drive autonomously, by integrating it with the NVIDIA drive platform, as shown at the stand  during the Automotive Congress.

Racing with TMC

In this rapidly evolving world, a new generation of Engineers with a modern mindset and the ability to combine multiple disciplines is what the Automotive industry needs. TMC adds value to their customers’ business by matching independent professional Engineers and Consultants precisely to the job to be done.  The type of people who drive your company forward and look at the bigger picture to get the best possible result.