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Outdoor Demo Area full of innovation

Experience Automotive developments 
During the congress, concepts of Smart & Green Mobility, innovative materials and efficient manufacturing will be discussed. To enable our participants to personally discover these topics, our demo area aims to give an hands-on experience of the latest developments and innovations in the Automotive industry. 

 What's on display?

These developments and innovations will be shown by our sponsors, demo-teams and exhibitors. This includes a demonstration of wireless communication between a smart traffic light and an autonomous vehicle by the student Automotive Techolgy Team (ATeam). Also represented will be testing set-ups by Trescal and Shimadzu, the latest in automotive scanning by Geopoints 3D, electric BMW’s as represented by FEV and the iCockpit demo by TomTom.

Sponsors Demo Exhibitors
TomTom ATeam
FEV AZL Aachen
Geopoints 3D imc Test & Measurement
Shimadzu Sioux Logena
Trescal Steketee Design 

Be sure not to miss out on the latest cutting edge technologies at the Automotive Congress 2018!

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