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To stimulate the uptake of Key Enabling Technologies and Digital technologies in general, the European Commission launched the WATIFY campaign.The biggest opportunity for Europe lies in the technological transformation of existing industries and enterprises. The challenge is to ensure that all industrial sectors and enterprises, large and small, make the best use of these technologies and manage their transition towards higher value products, services, and processes. 

What is WATIFY?

WATIFY is an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to support the EU efforts to stimulate the modernization of Europe’s industry by boosting European SMEs technological transformation, and supporting Europe’s regions to translate their smart specialization strategies in the areas of digitization and Key Enabling Technologies into concrete projects. 

WATIFY Activities

Awareness Events

As part of the campaign, WATIFY will organize 240 awareness events in regions and cities all over Europe. These will have the objective to promote;

  • The uptake of advanced technologies and digital transformation
  • Good business modernization cases;
  • ‘Open innovation’ and collaboration between innovative SMEs and large companies;
  • Best policy practices among regional and local authorities;
  • Opportunities offered by different EU instruments in the areas of digital and advanced technologies, and;
  • Better information exchange between public and private stakeholders at regional level. 

To achieve this, the formats of the awareness events will be the following; 

  • Information sessions; 
  • Group presentations by WATIFY ambassadors, digital icons and thematic experts; 
  • Short workshops with technological transformation and KETs experts;
  • Presentation of success stories and best practices;
  • Digital tours to show and present digitizing and KETs services;
  • Participation to sectoral, regional and international events with a WATIFY stand/presentation.

Parallel to this, awareness events are also active online through;

  • Twitter chats with thematic experts, and;
  • Webinars with experts in the field of digitization and KETs. These webinars take place every other week on Wednesday from 10.00-11.30 AM CET. Here we provide a platform for experts

to address an EU audience. For their services we can provide these experts with a financial compensation. 

Matchmaking Events

The overarching idea for the matchmaking event is to plant the seed for the development of interregional cooperation projects/partnerships or joint initiatives – with the appropriate/matching competences, capacities, ambitions, and S3 priorities. The matchmaking events will facilitate the cooperation between regional public and private sector actors willing to work together on concrete projects/initiatives which demonstrate potential for interregional cooperation in KETs and digital transformation. 

The matchmaking events will be focused around a specific technology (KET), sector, sub-sector or thematic area. Each event will cover a separate technological/thematic area where there is a clear need for European interregional cooperation. 

Company Success Stories

Before significant investments are made, SMEs require technology uptake support and funded experiments or pilot projects to reveal concrete or practical examples of implementation with functioning business models and actual results, for example, in improved productivity, revenue/profit growth, resources efficiency, etc. SMEs also need to start off with experiments and access to demonstrations, in order to alleviate skepticism to the new technologies and services and proceed with the required long-term investments. The Success Stories aim to provide concrete and real examples of companies adopting digital technologies and KETs to transform their businesses outlining the challenges faced, the potential solutions and the results/benefits achieved or realized- in addition to the lessons learned from the implementation/application. Through these concrete examples, the end goal is to activate, inspire or encourage SMEs and mid-caps and to equip them with useful knowledge to digitally transform and to be prepared for the ever-changing global digital economy.

WATIFY will identify 100 cases of a European company that has successfully transformed their businesses and achieved real results, for example in terms of productivity, efficiency and value creation, through the application of KETs and digital technologies. The success story will be punchy, concise and informative material that can be used by the SMEs, local/regional authorities and other relevant stakeholders as a reference and source of inspiration towards technological transformation.

It is important to emphasize that the success stories should not include examples of companies that develop KETs or digital technologies – but rather apply them to transform their business and operations. 

Regional Best Practices

On top and besides the Company Success Stories which focuses on individual company stories of business transformation through the strategic use of digital technologies and Key Enabling Technologies, WATIFY will also highlight a selected number of ‘Regional Best Practices’.

With these Regional Best Practices, WATIFY aims at larger success stories, involving a territory as a whole. It can relate to the successful implementation of a regional innovation strategy which focusses on digital technologies and/or KETs, uplifting the industry in the area as a whole. It can also relate to the successful transformation of a key company involving a strong cooperation with many suppliers and clients, strengthening the regional economy as a result. In reality these two possibilities are often intertwined.

Highlighting regional best practices also offers WATIFY a possibility to focus on the importance of cooperation, sometimes across the borders of a regions and a Member State. Regions, and the companies within them, do not stand on themselves nor do they act alone. They are part of networks and value chains. WATIFY’s Regional Best Practices will zoom into the growing reality of European industrial value chains, combining advantages of proximity and interregional/national cooperation at the same time. 

Regional Best Practices will be showcased through all communication channels developed by WATIFY. 

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